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With extensive experience and a wide network of contacts, Pineapple Recruitment connects great candidates with a variety of roles in the hospitality industry. Whether it’s front-of-house, local, area or regional management, or business support – including marketing, finance and HR – our tailor-made approach puts people first. We don’t have a vast roster of customers, and we don’t operate like a traditional agency. We’re industry insiders, matching clients and candidates for effective and sustainable long-term relationships.


The hotel industry is complex and challenging, demanding seamless cooperation across a diversity of roles and strengths. We’ll help you build an unbeatable team, from business support roles like finance, HR and marketing to management, catering and beyond. Unlike traditional agencies, Pineapple Recruitment partners with you to function as an extension of your existing recruitment team. Whether you’re running a boutique B&B or a growing national chain, we’ll attract the best people to your organisation.


Working in a high-pressure environment where customer satisfaction is key, restaurant personnel need skill, strength and commitment. Whether you’re looking for a new chef, a restaurant manager, high-level business support or reinforcement for your area or regional team, Pineapple Recruitment can work with you to find the best possible candidate. We don’t just fill vacancies: we create lasting connections, keeping your turnover low and your productivity high.


In the leisure industry, making a great customer experience means challenging work behind the scenes. Pineapple Recruitment matches top-class candidates with roles across the leisure industry, including catering, business support (such as finance, marketing and HR), and management on an organisational, area and regional level. We’ll put your needs and culture at the centre of our process, ensuring the best possible fit.


Creative, reliable and incredibly skilled: great chefs are like gold dust. If you’re looking for a chef for your restaurant, hotel or catering facility, whether new or established, Pineapple Recruitment can help. We foster relationships with the best emerging talents in the business, connecting fantastic chefs with teams where they can flourish. 


Whatever your catering business needs, Pineapple Recruitment is your first and last port of call. We connect growing teams with talented and experienced people, whether in the kitchen, the office, or in area/regional management. With our long experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector, we’ll act as your in-house specialist recruiters.


Nutrition is a key part of education. If you’re looking for a great catering team for your school or college, Pineapple Recruitment is here for you. With our industry knowledge and focus on sustainability, we can connect you with talented individuals who’ll fit your needs, culture and budget. Our pool of candidates covers catering and nutrition, management and business support, making us your reliable one-stop shop.


Whether it’s client events or on-site catering, your business deserves the best. Pineapple Recruitment will act as your in-house recruitment specialists, using our extensive experience and industry knowledge to source the best candidates for your corporate catering team. From chefs to managers to business support, we’ve got you and your needs covered.